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Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed Out, Anxious, Depressed? Feeling like You Don't Belong? Not Sure of Your Purpose... Why You Are Here? Feeling Lost and Confused? I Hear You!!... You Are NOT Alone!! Especially in These Times of Turmoil and Change. 2020 Has Been Far From Easy For a LOT of People Worldwide!!

After 25+ Years of 'Personal Development' , I Decided That it Was Time to Share the Knowledge and Wisdom I Have Learnt Along My Journey. I Wrote This eBook to Share my Story With as Many People as Possible. To Inspire and Empower Them. To Support Them Through Their OWN Journey of Expansion, Growth, Continual Learning and Unconditional Love. To Show Them That... IT IS POSSIBLE!!... It Is Possible to Live The Life of Their Dreams... to Manifest ALL They Desire And Require!!

AWARENESS BRINGS CHANGE... By Utilizing The Tools, Techniques and Tips in this eBook, You'll be Able to Imprint YOUR New Beliefs and Integrate Them Into YOUR Reality to Continually Receive MORE and MORE... and It Can Be FUN 'n' EASY!!

Learning WITHOUT Integrating and Embodying WILL NOT Lead You to The Transformation YOU Are Looking For!!  You'll be Given Tools to Success (However that looks like for YOU)... Step by Step Instruction and MANY Easy to Digest... Bite Sized Chunks of Golden Nuggets so YOU Can APPLY  and EMBODY These Tools and Techniques into YOUR Life... for YOUR Circumstances TODAY!! You Will Learn How to Celebrate the Setbacks... and sooo much more!! TODAY is the First Day of the Rest of YOUR Life!! MAKE IT AWESOME!! I Hear You... I LOVE YOU and I am sooo Happy YOU are Here!!

The Power is ALWAYS in the NOW Moment!!


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Rajesh - Alicante, Spain

I have known Murray for around 8 months and we became friends very quickly through a mentors program we both joined.

Murray is a joy to be around and I have witnessed great transformations within him, and through his grace, courage, integrity and open heart, he shares through his own vulnerability & setbacks to aid others transform themselves to change their realities and inner we'll being.

A true Masculine Warrior with Love and Compassion for his fellow Earth beings.

Thank you brother for gracing my life! ❤

Kim - Ontario, Canada

One beautiful souls journey from the shackles of life to the freedom of limitless potential.  

Uplifting, inspiring and full of useful tips to start creating your best life now!


 Thanks Murray 

Murray Whitcombe is so insightful!


He’s been through the trials in his life and has such wisdom to share with you!


Dagmar - Lakewood, Colorado

Murray Whitcombe, is an amazing soul who brings you so much incredible wisdom and inspiration.


His book is a gemstone that brings light to your journey.


Check out his work!


Kel - Bradford, Ontario



By Purchasing This Publication YOU Have Made a Huge Leap Forward... you Have Declared to the Universe and YOURSELF that you ARE Worthy... you ARE Good Enough. Now Take the Next Steps, Learn, Practice, Integrate and Embody These Practices Into YOUR Daily Life... and Watch the MAGIC and MIRACLES Happen in YOUR Life!! It really IS That Simple!!... and it Is 'FUN n EASY'!!

Inside This Publication You Will Learn:

  • How and Why, to Remove Toxins From Your Life (Hint: They're EVERYWHERE... Not Just in Your Diet. Toxins are in The Air we Breathe, the Water we Drink, The Thoughts we Think, How we Feel, Relationships, People etc).

  • How to Continually Raise Your Vibration, Love Yourself , Everyone and Everything... and WHY This is CRITICAL in Manifesting ALL You Desire.

  • How to Free Yourself From the Restraints we Impose Upon Ourselves Through Limiting Beliefs and Thoughts and HEAL YOUR LIFE TODAY.

  • How to Celebrate the Setbacks (Hint: Your Magic is in YOUR Mess... There is GOLD to be Found in YOUR Challenges, Hardships and Adversity. They are GIFTS!!

  • And How to:


        - Lack of Money

        - Lack of Health

        - Lack of Love

        - Lack of Time

        - Lack of Freedom

        - Lack and Scarcity in General


        - ABUNDANCE in ALL Areas of YOUR Life

        - Self Esteem

        - Self Confidence

        - Happiness

        - Joy

        - Bliss

        - Peace

        - Unconditional Love

  • You Will Learn How to Expect and Experience only MAGIC and MIRACLES in YOUR Life!!... Live a Life of Total ABUNDANCE in ALL Areas of YOUR Life... and sooo Much More!!

        I am sooo EXCITED For YOU!! Your Time is NOW!!


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 It is MY Intention That YOU REALLY Integrate and Embody These Golden Nuggets Into Your DAILY Practices. PLEASE DO NOT Let This Publication Just Sit on Your Computer Gathering Dust! PLEASE Implement, Assimilate, Integrate and Embody These Practices!!


I DO NOT Wish to Overwhelm You With Information, But I Wish to Give you Enough Information in Easy to Digest Chunks... so That YOU Will Easily and Effortlessly Make the Necessary Changes, Implement the Strategies and CREATE a Life That YOU Love!!

NOW is YOUR Time to Celebrate the Setbacks... Make Some Easy to Implement Changes in YOUR Life... and Live the 'Life of Your Dreams'


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