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'Celebrating the Setbacks Success Formulas'

Celebrating the Setbacks Success Formulas

Actionable Tools, Tips and Techniques to

Eliminate Massively Scary Changes in

Your Life in Order to Create

the Best-Case Scenario

Murray Whitcombe

“Comparison is the Thief of all Joy - Marci Lock.”

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.”

“If You Want to Change Your Life… 
You Must Make Changes in Your Life”

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” - Rumi

“When you can view your falling apart as the necessary mechanism by which to align with the future you seek, you can once and for all get past the fear which has been keeping you locked in cycles of pain, disappointment, and lack. For transformation to occur, a certain death of the old must first be experienced.” - Anahata

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.” - H. Jackson Brown , Jr.

“You have Brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose!!
You’re on your own and you know what you know, and you are the one who’ll decide where to go.” 
- Dr Seuss

“Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious Romance and Adventure.” - Mack Douglas 


* My Story...

* The Power is ALWAYS in the NOW...

* I believe YOU can do this...

* Learn to operate from the Heart...

* Fear isn't to run from...

* Take Uncomfortable Action OFTEN...

* Start Celebrating the Setbacks...

* Don't make Assumptions...

* YOU have Infinite Possibilities EVERYDAY...

* You will Learn How to...

* Tools, Hacks, Techniques and Tips...

* Everything is Energy...

* Gratitude and Appreciation...

* Awareness of your Thoughts and Feelings...

* More Tips...

* Raising your Frequency/Vibration...

* Daily Rituals/Ceremonies/Practices...

* Further Practices...

* There is nothing outside of you...

* Define your Goals, Dreams and Desires...

* Testimonials...

* About the Author...

FUCK!!... I didn’t die in my sleep last night!!… AAAHHHHH!! another day of ‘Living Hell’… full of Pain, Suffering, Misery and Disappointment!! PLEASE, PLEASE someone just shoot me!!


They used to be my first thoughts upon awakening each day

(usually with a Hangover).


After decades of misery, unhappiness, ill health, massive depression and a huge lack of abundance in EVERY area of my life.


Years of self-medication, in order to numb my feelings of a less than average existence. Years of wanting to just end it and take my own life EVERYDAY!!


Years and years of self-loathing. I stopped shaving in a mirror, as I didn’t like what I saw. I hated myself… who I had become… everything about me. I was so full of shame and guilt, I had become my very own worst critic, criticizing everything I did and thought.


I thought it was all going well. I had been studying and practicing Personal Development, Mindfulness, Meditation, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing and much much more for over (2) decades. I was married, self-employed, owned my own home (with the bank), rode a motorbike. Generally, I thought I had it pretty much all together, but suddenly… everything came crashing down in a BIG way!!


I started to lose my physical health first… but then came the mental side

(gee that was scary) … with everyday that passed I got worse and worse.


Finding it harder and harder to operate in society, and knowing I needed to take immediate and MASSIVE action to get my life back on track, I started on a long journey of self-healing and self-discovery.


I am sooo GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have gone through the hardship, pain and suffering as I learnt sooo much during those times!! In his book with Archbishop Desmond Tutu (The Book of Joy)… the Dalai Lama stated “Through adversity, hardship and suffering comes enlightenment”. I now KNOW this to be true!!


I CHOSE to take back my power, take responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life that I’ve created. So I set forth with the intention to learn how to allow my body to Heal on all levels… and started to create a life that I LOVE with Unconditional Love, Joy, Fun, Ease and Grace!!


The Body is an AMAZING Machine, sub-consciously performing trillions of actions every second. I KNEW after lots and lots of research, that IF I gave my body the right environment, the right nourishment, surroundings etc (just like plants) it would be able to Heal Itself!!... and it did (despite Doctors telling me I’d be on Pain Killers and lots of other Medications until I die).


Refusing to take ANY prescription Drugs (which was very empowering in itself), my body began healing itself naturally. In this eBook you will learn the Tools I used to achieve (what some called) … a Miracle, so you can integrate them into your own life, and share them with your loved ones.


I’m sooo excited for you!! It is time to take back your Power!! You are a Sovereign being!! You are ALREADY perfect, whole and complete!! Continually ‘Raise Your Vibration’ and Manifest the life of your Dreams!!


The Power is ALWAYS in the NOW moment!!


It is my intention with this publication to support you on your Journey and give you actionable Tools that you can use on a daily basis… to take back control of your life, empower yourself, free yourself from the restraints we impose upon ourselves through limiting beliefs and thoughts and Heal Your Life TODAY!! Tools that I used EVERYDAY to restore my Health and continue to use EVERYDAY to Manifest the life of my Dreams!!


I urge you to take the contents of this publication seriously, embody the Tools and turn them into daily habits.

ONLY YOU CAN DO IT!! I can’t do it for you… but I can share with you what I’ve learnt along my journey, my wisdom, my experience and what has evolved, transformed and continues to work in magical ways for myself and countless others, over time and in many ways.


AWARENESS BRINGS CHANGE… This is NOT a ‘Get out of Jail FREE’ card… YOU must do the work/play. You must WANT change, set some goals and be prepared to take MASSIVE Action towards accomplishing them. The choice is YOURS!!


I believe YOU can do this!!


For me the first step was becoming aware of, and removing everything Toxic in my life (this included friends and family) … I then moved onto Diet and becoming more and more aware over time, of ALL the different areas in my life where Toxins were showing up… and slowly went about removing them from my life… one by one!!


“Inch by Inch is a Cinch… Yard by Yard it’s Hard” – Marci Lock

Try not getting overwhelmed!! There is sooooo much information available to us all today at our fingertips. Take BABY STEPS!!... do whatever it takes to maintain a High Frequency Vibration, as often as you possibly can!! By doing this you will be magnetizing circumstances, events, people etc into your life to match that frequency… which is what you’re doing 24/7 anyway… so you may as well magnetize, vibrate, energize and manifest things into your life that you DO want… rather than Low Vibrational things you DON’T want!!


Q: How do you eat an Elephant?

A: One bite at a time


Take baby steps, bite sized chunks… one step at a time. Don’t be hard on yourself… be kind to yourself… love yourself… honor and respect yourself.


Learn to operate from the Heart… NOT the Head!!


The Fact that you have magnetized this publication into your existence and you’re here ‘right now’ tells me you want more from life. I sincerely hope you embody and integrate these teachings… make them habits and totally transform your life for the better!!


By utilizing the tools in this publication, you’ll be able to imprint your new Beliefs and integrate them into your reality to continually RECEIVE!! … and ... it can all be fun and easy!


"Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real… and other negative thoughts) sometimes show up. And YES!!... let's celebrate and see it for what it is. A GIFT that is coming up, ready to be fully witnessed to now be loved, alchemized and healed so that you can RECEIVE even greater in your life now.


FEAR isn't to run from....

It is to LEAN INTO fully and to FEEL Everything!!


Anytime we feel PAIN, it is to Pay Attention Inside Now and give yourself the PRESENCE with what is available, because it is ready to SHIFT”. - Marci Lock (SunDari) Mentor.


So I intend to give back, and share my knowledge, wisdom, teachings and experience with the masses, in order to help and assist as many people on their journey as I possibly can, to support them in following their dreams, living their passion, their soul purpose, living a life THEY choose… a life full of abundance in all areas with loads of love, peace, fun and ease.


“A life that ‘lights them up'… a life where they jump out of bed each morning, eager to see all the Magic, Miracles and Infinite Possibilities life has to offer!!”


I am here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE!!... it is possible to live the life of your dreams and to manifest all your desires!! Sometimes in life we need a defining moment (like losing our job, ill health, anxiety, depression, car accident, loss of a loved one, divorce etc etc) to make the changes necessary for a life of true abundance in all areas!!


However… it is my intention to deliver to you actionable Tools, Tips, Hacks and Techniques that WILL (if regularly applied) work for YOU… and quickly!! So you don’t have to have a big defining moment in your life to affect positive change, and you don’t have to go through such HUGE Peaks and Valleys like I did!


Don’t get me wrong… Life will ALWAYS present you with problems/challenges. It’s how you RESPOND or REACT to those problems/challenges that makes ALL the difference!! This is how we grow, learn and expand… step out of your ‘Comfort Zone’ as often as you can!!

Take uncomfortable ACTION often!!...


So ‘Buckle Up’ Buttercup!!...


Strap on your ‘Safety Gear’ and get ready for Magic and Miracles in your life!!...

Buckle Up3.png

​Start ‘Celebrating the Setbacks’... 

and start creating YOUR Best-Case Scenario!!

There ARE Solutions!!

“Most people think you need to work hard to have an abundant life… but it doesn’t have to be that way!” Abundance in EVERY area of your life, Unconditional Love, Joy, Bliss, Fun and Ease. It’s all YOURS for the taking… should you choose to accept this mission!! 😊

“I bet from where you are now (or where you’ve been at times throughout your life) you feel like there’s no hope, what’s the point, I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve or I’m not good enough etc etc. 

These are all natural and normal thoughts, and you are not alone. But there are solutions (which I’ll be explaining next). 


Most people find that when they begin on their ascension path, that it’s going to be an easy breezy ride straight to their hearts content… but what they forget to realize is that the external change is equal to their inner change!!

When you shift so profoundly on the inside, your external environment will go through massive rearranging and you may be tempted to fall back into modes of fear, worry and doubt. 

Depending upon the severity of this falling away, you may be feeling a bit depressed, lost, confused and overwhelmed. It’s normal. It happens. And the key is HOW you perceive of what is going on. 

The options: Shame cycle, down and out, disempowered, victimized… OR… realizing that: it’s all part of the upgrade into the future you are preparing yourself for alignment with. Your old life simply no longer matches in the way that it once did”. - Anahata

“Don’t Make Assumptions…

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. 

Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. 

With just this one agreement, you can completely change your life!!” 

– The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ru


By following the simple steps inside the 'Celebrating the Setbacks Success Formulas' publication, you will be able to understand the deeper meaning of your life changes, to embrace the unknown and regain the faith and confidence needed to rise to the challenge. 

I Love, Appreciate and Honor your presence here… your courage, tenacity and desire for change in your life. I implore you to not only Learn this information… BUT to Embody it… Integrate it into your life… make them Daily Practices. 

Learning without integrating will NOT lead to the Transformation you are looking for!!

You will be given Tools and Tips to Success (however success looks like for you). Step by Step Instruction on how to apply and integrate these Tools and Techniques in YOUR Life, for YOUR circumstances TODAY!!

YOU have Infinite Possibilities EVERYDAY!!

These are Tools, Tips, Hacks and Techniques I personally practice daily. These are the same strategy’s I practiced daily to overcome serious Health Issues, stress, major challenges, uncertainty, depression, anxiety and much more… the same tools I used to turn my life around and to become the Conscious Creator I am Today!! To live a life full of Magic and Miracles, to live from Unconditional Love for myself and everyone on the Planet. 

To live the life of my Dreams full of Infinite Possibilities!!


You will Learn how to:

‘Celebrate the Setbacks’…



  • Lack of Finance

  • Lack of Health

  • Lack of Love

  • Lack of Time 

  • Lack of Freedom

  • Lack and Scarcity in general!!...



  • Abundance in ALL areas of your life

  • Self Esteem

  • Confidence

  • Happiness

  • Joy

  • Love

  • Self-Sustainability and a life you LOVE​ in Ease and Flow!!...


Tools, Hacks, Techniques and Tips to

'Celebrate Your Setbacks' and Manifest ALL you Desire!!

In this chapter I will give you information I use to Manifest my Dream Life full of Love, Abundance Fun and Ease, to create from Unconditional Love and operate from High Vibration, so you can too!!

I will explain in detail how YOU can use this information, and how to implement it into your life TODAY, to start creating a life that YOU Love… a life on YOUR Terms… joyfully creating Magic and Miracles with Fun and Ease and Infinite Possibilities!!

“I Joyfully Serve the Devine and Humanity, While the Universe and Devine Takes Care of ALL The Details, Sets Everything Up For Me With Ease and Grace, As I Float In a Constant State of Bliss, Receiving ALL I Require and Desire!!” – SunDari Marci Lock The Alchemist of Light


Tips to Get You Started on This Journey

Let the Old Go (Past)
Rather than trying to hold on to things that are no longer part of your vibrational coherence, let them go! 

Take Your Eyes OFF of What IS (Present)
Stop focusing on what is going “wrong” in order to break the cycle of feeding it energy and making it so. Reframe what is happening so that it serves you.

Visualize as If It Is So (Future)
Don’t WISH for the life you desire… it’s already a reality, and you are no longer a match to the old you. So, as it falls away, keep your heart focused on the new reality entering as viscerally as possible. Feeling into it. 

Everything is Energy

I’ll start this section with a few appropriate Quotes from the King of Energy!!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. - Nikola Tesla

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence”. - Nikola Tesla

“Throughout the infinite, the forces are in a perfect balance, and hence the energy of a single thought may determine the motion of a universe”. - Nikola Tesla

“Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world. Our hearing extends to a small distance. Our sight is impeded by intervening bodies and shadows. To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions. We must transmit our intelligence, travel, transport the materials and transfer the energies necessary for our existence”. - Nikola Tesla


Q: How do I implement these thoughts/perceptions into my own reality in order to secure lasting change and AWESOMENESS into my own life situation?


A: Awareness Brings Change… you are now aware that Everything is Energy (if you weren’t already aware of this fact) … so with this awareness you can now choose to see things differently… choose to look at whatever situation from a different perspective… choose the Energy you wish to be in at this moment!!


The choice is ALWAYS YOURS in EVERY moment in time!

How do I wish to feel right now?... it is my choice!


The Power is ALWAYS in the NOW!!



Check in Throughout Your Day MANY Times...

(set an alarm on your phone for an hourly check in if you desire)!!


Ask Yourself these Questions Often!!

Marci Lock –Freedom Activators


*What Am I Feeling?

*Why Am I Feeling This Way?

*What Do I want?

*What Is the New Belief and Perception I now CHOOSE to Believe?

*What Is the ACTION I Now Get to Take to Get What I Want, and HOW Do I Change My Vibration to Align to That?



Ask Yourself This ALL THE TIME!!

How Does This Get to be Fun and Easy?

Gratitude and Appreciation

You cannot look at your life right now and believe that it’s never going to change, because it will. 

Hard work (I prefer to call it Joyful Play in Fun and Ease), determination, vision and NEVER GIVING UP (repetition) on your Dream Life is the only way to get you to the next chapter of your life.

So here are a few more tips, that I use, to get me through tough times. I understand that everyone has a different journey ahead of them and behind them. However, these tips can be applied by anyone no matter where they are, who they are, what they have been through, or even what they are currently experiencing:

Gratitude and Appreciation

This may seem obvious, but it is SO POWERFUL!! I became grateful and appreciative for ALL things in my life. I was grateful to have a roof over my head. I was grateful to have food for the day. I was grateful for a bed to sleep in. I was grateful for all the pain and suffering I was going through, allowing me to discover even greater insights into me... into life... into my true reason for being here NOW, in this body, currently in space, experiencing all I was experiencing. 

The more I practiced Gratitude and Appreciation... the more I started to enjoy life again... the more Joy and Abundance was showing up in my life!


At a certain point in the practice, momentum starts to kick in... you are NOW consciously creating, you are seeing ONLY Unconditional Love and Light everywhere, you are seeing ONLY Beauty in ALL THINGS (it's like you're now permanently wearing rose colored glasses) ... you DON'T see the weeds anymore (problems)... you see ONLY Opportunity and Infinite Possibilities!!... Magic and Miracles!! 

NOW you are Manifesting your Dream Life!!

IF you integrate the Gratitude and Appreciation practice into your life. I KNOW your life will improve!!

There are MANY ways to embody this practice, make it Habit and truly integrate it into your life. By doing so you will open a whole new world of Love, Peace, Abundance and Joy!!

Get a book and start a Gratitude and Appreciation Journal 
(Keep it by your bed).

 - Write in it EVERY Morning (upon awakening) and EVERY Night (before going to sleep) … write down at least 7 things you're Grateful for and 7 things you appreciate.

If you're not the journaling, writing stuff down… type of person... then simply say out loud... (if appropriate, or in your mind) things you're grateful for and appreciative of.

The more you do this practice, the more that you are thankful and grateful for ALL things… the more you thank everything with Gratitude, Appreciation and Unconditional Love... the more you Raise your Vibration and are constantly sending out High Vibe Frequency Waves to the Universe... those Vibrations are INSTANTLY matched and manifested (just as all the Low Vibrations are matched and manifested also) … more on this later.

AWARENESS of Your Thoughts and Feelings


AGAIN... the choice is YOURS!! Being AWARE that all your thoughts and feelings are being broadcast out to the Universe 24/7 can be a scary thought for some.


The TRUTH is we are ALL Manifesting 24/7 via our thoughts and feelings

(and always have been).


However... What we FEEL is 500,000 times more powerful than our thoughts

(This lack of understanding is a BIG reason why the Law of Attraction (The Secret), failed to work for so many (in the way they wanted or expected it to)).

Q: If that is the case... why would I manifest Lack of Wealth, Ill Health, Lack of Love etc etc?

A: There are MANY reasons why we Manifest what we do. In some cases, our ‘Magic’ is in our ‘Mess’… so we sub-consciously create circumstances, people and events etc into our lives to create Mess (or match our current low vibrations) … so we can find our Magic! (though this insight is not always clear at the time… and our Magic was never ‘lost’… and it is not something to be ‘found’). 

The important thing is… now that you are aware of your Manifestation Powers... you can Consciously Create your Future... be the Director of your own Movie... the Captain of your own ship... the Superman/woman of the Universe (you get the picture… Infinite Possibilities). 



More Tips:

** Turn off the TV... don't watch or listen to the TV or Radio News… or ANY kind of Mass Media (Newspapers, Magazines etc).

** Spend as much time as you can in Nature… surround yourself with trees (Beach, Park, Botanical Gardens etc).

** Practice saying ‘Thank You’ to EVERYTHING!!

** Practice random acts of Kindness.

** Practice Daily Appreciation and Gratitude.

** Practice Daily Meditation.

** Make YOUR Inner Peace and High Vibration your Top Priority.

** Practice Unconditional Love for yourself and others.

** Practice Giving. 

The more you GIVE… the more you will RECEIVE!!

YOU CHOOSE… you ARE that Powerful!!


Clean - De-clutter

Whenever I’m NOT in alignment with who I really am… my surroundings are the first feedback I receive… telling me to ‘sort my shit out’ Dude!!

NOT being in alignment with who I really am means:

Vibrating at a low frequency

Operating out of my Head… and not my Heart

Unconsciously creating my reality

(creating shit from old programming and limited beliefs).

I want to be in alignment with ALL I desire and require!!


I KNOW that for me to receive ALL I require and Desire, I MUST be a vibrational match.

Surrounding myself with a messy, cluttered environment… and knowing that the External reality is simply a reflection of my Inner reality… speaks volumes to my current state of mind.

Clean your surroundings… make your surroundings Sacred!!

De-clutter OFTEN… make room for the NEW!! You cannot receive more in your life if you’re soooo clogged up with past emotions, past baggage, past shit… or even present or future shit!!

Have a CLEAN!!... Vacuum, clean your sheets, mop your floor, do the dishes, make the bed… whatever it may be, to make your current surroundings a sacred space for YOU.


A place you feel safe in. A place from where you can create in Ease and Flow!!

Raising Your Frequency/Vibration


To assist you in frequently/consciously raising your vibration (in order to Manifest ALL, you want in life, and to assist you in celebrating any setbacks you experience).


I have included below an Emotional Scale from the great book

‘Ask and it is Given’ - Esther Hicks.


As you continually check in with yourself (throughout your day) to check in on your Emotions (to see WHAT you’re vibrating out to the Universe and attracting back into your life) use the guide below to assist you in gauging where you are at emotionally.


Esther Hicks’ Emotional Scale


1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

4. Positive Expectation/Belief

5. Optimism

6. Hopefulness

7. Contentment

8. Boredom

9. Pessimism

10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience

11. Overwhelm-ment

12. Disappointment

13. Doubt

14. Worry

15. Blame

16. Discouragement

17. Anger

18. Revenge

19. Hatred/Rage

20. Jealousy

21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness


From the book “Ask and It is Given”, pg. 114


100% Joy, Love and Bliss


If you are NOT FEELING in 100% Joy, Love and Bliss ask yourself these questions:


  • What Am I Feeling?

  • Why Am I Feeling This Way?

  • What Do I want?

  • What Is the New Belief and Perception I now CHOOSE to Believe?

  • What Is the ACTION I Now Get to Take to Get What I Want, and HOW Do I Change My Vibration to Align to That?

Marci Lock – 5 Steps to Freedom



The Importance of setting your intentions and Sacred Space


There is sooo much information out there about the importance of setting your intentions and sacred space.



“The ONLY certainty in life is determined by your INTENTION and where you keep your ATTENTION”!!


I encourage you to delve into this further.


There is only so much I can cover in this publication.


The more you are focused on your intentions and where you keep your attention, the better chance you will have in Manifesting and Attracting all the things you desire to witness and experience in your life.

Daily Rituals/Ceremonies/Practices

to Assist You in Manifestation

  • Prayer

  • Meditation


  • Mantras

  • Sound/Frequency Modalities


  • Exercise – Yoga/Stretching


  • Walking in Nature


  • Gratitude/Appreciation

Smile… be Thankful for EVERYTHING 
(whether you perceive it as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’)!!


Conscious Language and The Power of Spoken Words

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.” - Yehuda Berg

Further Practices That I Encourage You to Integrate into Your Life… Until They Become DAILY Subconscious Habits!!

  • Daily Meditation Practice (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Daily Green Smoothie (To Assist with Optimal Gut Health… which Assists with Your Overall Health).

  • Stand up to Shit… Sit down to Piss!! (That'll get ya thinking :) To Assist with keeping your Colon Happy/Healthy and Thriving).

  • Chew Your Drink… and Drink Your Food!! (To Assist with Optimal Gut Health… which Assists with Your Overall Health).

  • Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Breath Play (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Self-Love (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Being Heart Centered… NOT Mind Centered!! (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Intermittent and other Fasting practices. (To Assist with Optimal Gut Health… which Assists with Your Overall Health).

  • Chakra Balancing (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Crystal Healing (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

  • Mirror Play (To Assist with Your Spiritual and Mental Health (and ease of Manifestation)).

“There is No - Thing Outside of You…

That Doesn’t Come from Inside of You”

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive… and Bring Itself to Believe… it CAN Achieve”

The Law of Reversal… 

“To Turn Failure, Misery and Lack into Success, Joy and Abundance… I Must Speak and Act the Exact Opposite to how MOST People Speak and Act”.

“Spirit is Waiting For us to Lead the Way… We Want Spirit to Lead the Way… and Together We End Up Going Nowhere!! 

We Have to Remember That Our Spiritual Resources Are Here to Support Us… NOT to Lead Us!! 

The Universe Listens to the Energy of Our Choices and Responds by Delivering Like Consequences into our Existence!!

 If You Are NOT Taking Action on Your Behalf… Neither Will Spirit!!


The Universe Can NOT Argue with Your Authority… it Can ONLY Respond Unconditionally!!”


Surround Yourself with the People, Places and Things which Support the Future YOU Desire!!

You are in a unique opportunity to create a fresh start vibrationally due to the Tower Moments occurring in your life (Breaking Down the Old and New Beginnings). Making room for what will be!

Stay Focused on your WHY!!

  • WHY do you want Time Freedom?


  • WHY do you want to be Self Reliant?


  • WHY do you want Financial Freedom?


  • WHY do you want Abundant Health and Wealth?


  • WHY do you want Abundance in ALL areas of your life?

Everyone’s WHY is different… what is YOUR WHY


Write it down… print it out… write it on Sticky Notes… put it on your Fridge, Mirrors and any other areas, so you will see them EVERYDAY!!

Go Within as Often as Possible and Visualize the Core FEELINGS You would FEEL when YOU have Manifested Your Goals…


What FEELING Would That New House, Job, Car, Partner, Abundance or Whatever it is that YOU Desire Give You?...

 Then Do EVERYTHING Possible to Vibrate That FEELING as Often as Possible!!

“Define Your Goals, Dreams and Desires...

and Get a Burning Desire to Achieve Them!!”


You will indeed encounter more roadblocks, problems, setbacks etc as you grow and expand

(If you choose to see them as such). 

People are always asking me…” How do I live a better life”?

I tell them it is like peeling an onion back… as soon as you peel off one layer… you will find another and another and another. In fact, the more you learn, grow, expand and the more sensitive you become to the Energy in ALL things... the more triggers/setbacks, challenges etc you will find!

This is life… it is how you react/respond to these moments that makes ALL the difference!! Setbacks are a GIFT!! (If you choose to see them this way)!!

Practice the techniques in this publication, practice always living in the NOW moment.


KNOW that every day in every way… life gets better and better!!

Read this publication OVER and OVER and OVER!!


There are sooo many GOLDEN NUGGETS here for YOU.

The MORE you read this publication... the MORE you will discover and build NEW Neural Pathways that will ultimately lead you to making better choices and decisions.


Your life will start to change for the better. You will MAGNETISE Positive People, Circumstances and Events into your life... Magic and Miracles will become an EVERYDAY occurrence as you Easily and Effortlessly Manifest the Life of your Dreams!!


It is my intention that as I grow, learn and expand more to share this knowledge and wisdom to all that are seeking a better life.





I have known Murray for around 8 months and we became friends very quickly through a mentors program we both joined.

Murray is a joy to be around and I have witnessed great transformations within him, and through his grace, courage, integrity and open heart, he shares through his own vulnerability & setbacks to aid others transform themselves to change their realities and inner we'll being.

A true Masculine Warrior with Love and Compassion for his fellow Earth beings.

Thank you brother for gracing my life!❤

Rajesh - Alicante, Spain


One beautiful souls journey from the shackles of life to the freedom of limitless potential.  


Uplifting, inspiring and full of useful tips to start creating your best life now!  Thanks Murray 

Kim - Ontario, Canada


Murray Whitcombe, is an amazing soul who brings you so much incredible wisdom and inspiration.


His book is a gemstone that brings light to your journey. Check out his work!

Dagmar - Lakewood, Colorado


Murray Whitcombe is so insightful!


He’s been through the trials in his life and has such wisdom to share with you!

Kel - Bradford, Ontario


About the Author


My name is Murray Whitcombe… at the writing of this book I am 55 years young and living in New Zealand. I have had (like all of us) … MANY challenges and setbacks in my life (and will continue to do so). 

I have learnt MANY techniques to overcome/deal with them and am passionate about sharing these ideas with others.

It is my Desire to assist as many people as I can to Manifest their Dream Life. We ARE that Powerful… and we CAN have ALL we Desire!!

I look forward to sharing more and more and more… as I continually grow, learn and expand more and more and more!! 

If you enjoyed this publication, I invite you to share the love and encourage friends and family to also purchase the book.



Thank you and MUCH LOVE to you my Friend!!


Following the advice in this book could make you millions of dollars and completely transform your life. On the other hand, it may not, and you could hurt yourself in the process. So, regardless of the claim I just made – and the claims I made on the cover and throughout this book – I make no claims. Use at your own risk. Don’t blame me for anything bad that happens to you while trying to implement advice in this book. If things should work out well for you, please share your story about how my book alone made you millions and/or completely transformed your life.